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  • Globular Assembly of Amyloid Beta Protein and Uses Thereof: U.S. Patent 4,666,829; Canadian Patent 2,381,323; European Patent EP1200470; Japan Patent 4,796,725.
  • Amyloid Beta Protein (Globular Assembly and Uses Thereof): U.S. Patents 6,218,506 & 7,638,283; Canadian Patent 2,279,555; European Patent EP0998495; Japanese Patent 3,512,815; Mexican Patent 245340.
  • Monoclonal Antibodies that Target Pathological Assemblies of Amyloid Beta (Abeta): U.S. Patent 8,507,206.
  • Compositions and Methods for the Enhancement of Soluble Amyloid Beta Oligomer (ADDL) Uptake and Clearance: U.S. Patent 7,964,359.
  • Anti-ADDL Antibodies and Uses Thereof: U.S. Patents 7,780,963, 7,811,563, 8,128,930, 8,383,113, 8,889,138; Australian Patents AU2005306997 & AU2012232964; Indian Patent 251624; Japanese Patents 5173426 & 5634975.
  • Anti-ADDL Monoclonal Antibody and Use Thereof: U.S. Patent 7,731,962, 8,105,593, 8,420,093; European Patent EP1940466; Japanese Patent 5289963; Patent Pending in other countries
  • Method for Detection of Amyloid Beta Oligomers in a Fluid Sample and Uses Thereof: Patent Pending
  • Antibodies, Kit and Method for Detecting Amyloid Beta Oligomers: Patent Pending.
  • Method for Treating a Disease Associated with Soluble, Oligomeric Species of Amyloid Beta 1-42: Patent Pending.