We are committed to bringing more effective
treatments and diagnostics to Alzheimer’s patients

Acumen is dedicated to the discovery and development of effective therapeutics and diagnostics for treating Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative conditions.  Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most significant and fastest growing unmet medical needs in the world, and one of the leading causes of human and economic burden.  Acumen is focused on developing ADDL-Select™ antibodies that target soluble oligomers, which are now widely recognized as a key culprit in the disease process through their ability to inhibit nerve function, trigger early memory deficits and initiate nerve cell degeneration and downstream pathological events in Alzheimer’s. 

Acumen’s founders discovered synthetic soluble Aβ oligomers, called ADDLs for Aβ-Derived Diffusible Ligands to distinguish them from insoluble plaques.  Acumen’s founders also pioneered the study of soluble Aβ oligomers and their pathological role in Alzheimer’s disease.  Acumen owns or controls dominant intellectual property regarding ADDLs, soluble oligomers and related therapeutics and diagnostics.