Acumen is discovering and developing a new class of targeted therapies for the safe and effective treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The company was founded by researchers who pioneered seminal discoveries and methods to understand the role of amyloid-beta oligomers in the processes of synaptic dysfunction and neurodegeneration leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Based on the insight that these oligomers are the primary triggers of Alzheimer’s disease, our founders partnered with Merck & Co to discover and develop selective amyloid-beta oligomer immunotherapies.

An eight-year research collaboration between Acumen and Merck & Co. produced ACU193 as our lead late-stage candidate. Extensive pre-clinical research has been conducted to demonstrate that ACU193 selectively targets amyloid-beta oligomers with a good safety profile and compelling efficacy. Acumen has acquired exclusive commercial rights to our program.

With a highly experienced team of Alzheimer’s drug developers, neuroscientists and industry professionals, we expect to obtain IND approval and initiate clinical trials in 2020 for ACU193 as the first monoclonal antibody targeting amyloid-beta oligomers to be tested in Alzheimer’s patients.

Acumen recently raised $15 to complete safety testing and CMC requirements for filing an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA. The NIH’s National Institute of Aging recently awarded Acumen a $3.6 million grant to support preclinical and early clinical development of ACU193.